Some of Our Neighbors

I am sitting at the computer, and left the front door open so Mongo could come in and out and I hear a little scratch, hop, scratch. I look down at the floor to see a cactus wren bird hopping in the front door. I can’t believe he is hopping around me, and then he hops over to the living room and, Eureka! He finds dog food in the open dog crate in the living room and obviously thinks he has discovered Heaven! He hops up to the window seat and proceeds to eat each piece, looks out the window, hops down, gets another one, and eats again. Oh, wait, now he is on my coffee table! How do I get him outside? Offer him a Margarita? I tell you, the wildlife around the Caring for Canines’ house are getting bold and seem to be taking over sometimes. But now Mongo has taken off to the neighbor’s house – probably frustrated that I am letting the wanderers of the neighborhood take over his food! Now I have to go haul him in and get the bird out. Jeanne Caring for Canines