Health & Behavioral Training

Adopting a rescue pet makes a huge impact on the pet overpopulation problem and saves a life. Your new rescue pet will, in turn, make a positive and lasting impact on your life and Caring for Canines is here to help make this happen! All of the dogs that are adopted from the rescue are up to date on their vaccinations, spayed and neutered, microchipped and come with a free vet exam as well as free pet insurance. We want to be sure your dog or puppy is healthy and happy so please be sure to email or call us with any questions and activate your pet insurance right away. One of the benefits of adopting an animal from Caring for Canines is the individualized attention that is each animal is given prior to adoption. As a result of our unique rescue set up, we are able to monitor the dogs and puppies 24 hours a day to be sure they are eating, drinking and acting like a normal, healthy dog. We are also able to observe them behave and interact in a multitude of different environments including inside the home, play yards, on walks, around food and treats and with children. Testing to see if the dogs and puppies are crate-trained, housebroken and leash-trained helps us pass on this valuable information to you so that you can pick a pet that you are ready to take on! We will be happy to provide resources to you regarding veterinarians that we recommend and dog trainers and behavioral training programs that can work for your new pet. There are many low-cost vaccination and sterilization clinics in the Greater Phoenix area where you can be sure your pet is altered and is up to date on all of their shots. We appreciate you spreading the word about these resources to any friends and family you might have as every animal that is spayed/neutered and vaccinated, helps reduce the number of animals that enter into our shelter system each year.

List of Low Cost Spay/Neuter and Vaccination Clinics: