International Rescue

A dog is a dog is a dog. No matter where they are from or what size or color they are….. which is why we rescue dogs from all over the world.

Three sad puppiesEven though Caring for Canines is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, we have partners all over the state, country and world. Our partner organizations in Mexico rely on us to help with wellness and spay/neuter clinics in impoverished regions of the country and also for transporting animals out of danger and to the safety of a rescue. Caring for Canines does not turn away any dog that is need – no matter where they are from or what breed they are – nor walk away from any opportunity to spread the word about the pet overpopulation problem.

The condition of animals in third world countries like Mexico is very different from what we find here in the United States. In most impoverished neighborhoods, animals have received no vaccinations or medical care and they survive by scrounging for scraps of discarded foodImage of a ball in trash cans or the occasional handout. Dogs and cats are found thirsty, sick and starving throughout the streets everywhere you turn. This problem will not be solved without vaccinating and altering these animals so we make countless trips to cities like Puerto Penasco to work with the local authorities to provide low-cost wellness and spay/neuter clinics. We are partnering with schools to teach the children how to properly care for an animal and what to do if they find a hurt or sick dog or cat.

One sad puppyIn many cities in Mexico where hundreds of puppies and kittens are born every day, there are only one or two rescue organizations trying to help. Our support and spreading the awareness of these issues is vital to the community’s animal rescue efforts and to the lives of thousands of animals.

We are making a difference in cities across the world and we will continue to fight this battle until every animal has a chance for a safe and happy life.