Meet the New Crew of Available Dogs for Adoption

Max the Mastiff/Rottweiler Puppy Max (6 month old male) is an exceptionally friendly dog. He has the affectionate nature of the Rottweiler and the calm and mellow nature of the Mastiff. He loves everyone and assumes everyone loves him! He will put his head on your knee, and does the “lean” against your legs. He wants to be a close companion dog. He is also housebroken and crate trained. He was raised with young children and other dogs and cats. He will let small dogs sleep next to him and enjoys playing with bigger dogs. He loves to chase balls and splash and lie down in the wading pool when hot. He is anxious to please and wags his whole body when he is happy! He loves walks and rides in the car. He is a special, unique puppy!
Bruno the Black Lab / Pit Bull Bruno is a one year old, spayed female. She is shy initially, but then warms up. She is gentle and kind and gets along great with other dogs and pets. She would be a wonderful family dog!
Ben the Tiger Pit Bull Ben is a gorgeous one year old, neutered Male. He is an active, friendly dog. He loves to go to walks and hikes. He is housebroken and crate-trained. He has all of his shots including his rabies.
Charlie the Westie / Poodle Charlie is a 9 month old male. He is a very playful and friendly dog. He enjoys playing with other dogs, other pets and children. He is housebroken and crate trained. He likes to go on walks and car rides. He is a quiet dog who also loves to cuddle!